Attributes Of Businesses We
Consider For Partnership

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Business Criteria

  • Strong market position in stable industry
  • Identifiable barriers to entry
  • Long standing customer relationships with minimal, or mitigated, concentration
  • High return on customer acquisition efforts
  • Headquartered in Midwest or Southern U.S.

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Financial Criteria

  • EBITDA $3mm to $10mm (no size minimum for add-on acquisitions)
  • EBITDA margins ≥ 10%
  • Modest working capital requirements
  • Low to moderate ongoing capital expenditures (excluding growth capex)
  • History of positive cash flows

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Industries of interest

  • Business services
  • Technology infrastructure and services
  • Differentiated distribution/value added resellers
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Internet and catalog-based enterprises

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Growth Opportunities

  • Increasing sales and marketing presence
  • Gaining access to alternative sales channels
  • New product development
  • Utilization of web-based tools
  • Industry buildup through add-on acquisitions (no geographic constraints)