A Midwestern Firm With Midwestern Values

Throughout the Midwest and South, there are businesses built over decades, and in many cases generations, that are the foundational backbone of their local communities – supporting jobs and defining local innovation and progress. Led by dedicated owners and their teams, these businesses are instilled with an enduring tradition of heartland values and principles. Many of these owners will eventually look to ensure the success of their business lives on into the future. They seek a partner who can help them grow with both equity capital and real operational expertise – in the form of seasoned leadership skills and practical know-how. These owners want a partner who can mentor and motivate their management teams, all the while protecting the business owners’ reputation and legacy with their employees, customers and industry counterparts.

Private equity firms that specialize in this area need to demonstrate a true commitment to the lower-middle market along with the deep understanding, tangible experience and track record of success that gives business owners confidence in the company’s ability to continue growth and success.


WILsquare Capital is a private equity firm formed for these unique businesses with these distinct challenges. Our partners each have more than 20 years of experience in private equity and in business ownership and stewardship. We have a proven track record of successfully owning and guiding lower-middle market companies through growth, transitions and change so that their legacies live on.

We are a heartland business ourselves with heartland values, and believe that the currency of success is accountability and dependability. In fact, we “square” around these two fundamental principles, and ingrain them into our day-to-day work for our partners.